Good morning Playgroup! We’ve had some requests to show you all how we made our beautiful Easter cards so here is a little tutorial.

Salad Spinner Art. You will need an old salad spinner, some paint (I watered ours down a little), thick paper or card and a small bit of Blu Tack…. Place the Blu Tack in the middle of the salad spinner base. Stick your card or thick paper down, you can cut it into any shape that will fit in the spinner. Drip some paint onto your card, we started with two colours then after each spin we added a few more drops each time. Secure the lid on and then, with a grown up holding the base, spin! This is so great for the children to really use their muscles! Stop spinning after a while and then see how it looks, you can add more colours as many times as you like to find the pattern that you love. We would love to see examples of your beautiful Salad Spinner Art!! XXCara