One of our outdoor projects is to create a new learning area for the children at the top corner of the village hall garden.

We are having a volunteer garden day on Sunday 13th July from 12:30pm to clear the overgrown area, to see what space we have to play with!

Experienced tree surgeon, James Nash, will be advising us and I’ll be bringing a shredder, which will hopefully minimise some of the waste.

If you can get away from the little ones, even for half an hour, all help would be great and very much appreciated!!

Bring your garden gloves, secateurs, pruning saws, spades, forks, rakes, green bins and lots of community spirit !


During term 6 we were successful in receiving a grant from the Big Lottery Fund to improve the outdoor space at the Village Hall, the work has been done over the holidays, we have new steps, fences, paving areas and an area of artificial grass!!, it all looks great! we have more ideas to follow to improve it further! Thank you to everyone involved in the transformation!