Learning Environment

puzzle boyAt Playgroup we provide an environment which supports effective learning through play and having fun.

Children are able to achieve this by finding out and exploring, playing, being ‘bold’, learning to concentrate, persevering, celebrating their achievements, having their own ideas, creating things and making choices.

Families choose our Playgroup for many reasons, an important one being it’s excellent link with Bathampton Primary School which was rated outstanding in it’s last OFSTED inspection.

learningDir2There are seven areas of learning and development which are set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage criteria.

These areas are personal, social and emotional development, physical development, communication and language, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, and expressive arts and design.

At Playgroup we think creatively within each area to develop each child using activities indoors and out, and with trips into the wider environment.

In the past we’ve had trips to Warleigh Lodge Farm, Farleigh Hunderford castle, Victoria Art Gallery in Bath, Brockerswood country park and the field opposite Playgroup for events such as our annual sports day!