Day to Day

Bathampton Preschool is held in Bathampton Village Hall. The hall is large and bright and is set up each day with a number of activities for the children to self select covering all areas of the EYFS. There is a grassy area off of the hall allowing the children to enjoy free flow access to the outside where they can enjoy activities such as water play.

daytoday1During the morning session we operate a rolling snack system, a favourite part of the morning . Each child is asked to bring in a piece of fruit that is cut up and shared with their friends. Playgroup will provide milk and water and a healthy carbohydrate to go with the fruit. Sometimes the children will eat a snack they have made during playgroup. The children are encouraged to eat healthily and display good eating manners. They are able to choose when they have their snack and then go back to their play.

After all the children have eaten their snack they are encouraged to tidy up. In the last terms before they go to school the pre school children will then have short sessions with their key worker.

Families choose our Playgroup for many reasons, an important one being it’s excellent link with Bathampton Primary School which was rated outstanding in it’s last OFSTED inspection.

daytoday3After tidy up time we go outside to play. We have a paved area where the children can ride on our bikes, trikes, cars or scooters and a top garden with a willow den, a sandpit and a slide. This is where our nature detectives session takes place every other Wednesday. We then come back inside for circle time. The children can bring in special things from home to share with their friends in show and tell and then it is either home time at 12 or lunch time for those staying on. After lunch the children can enjoy some more out door play before singing some of their favourite songs and home time.

On a Tuesday there is the option for children to stay for an afternoon session. This part of the day begins with lunch at 12 and then some outside play either on the patio with cars and bikes or in the top garden with the sand pit, the slide and our willow house. The children then come back into the hall where they can self select from a range of activities.

After tidy up time at 2.30pm the children have some quiet time to reflect on the day’s activities and enjoy some songs and stories. Home time is at 3pm, leaving time for parents to get to Bathampton Primary School to collect older siblings at 3.15pm.