Term 5 Newsletter

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Term 5 Newsletter

DATE: 26th April 2019

We hope that you have all enjoyed a restful couple of weeks and that the children are looking forward to coming back to playgroup.  We welcome a number of new children to Playgroup this term and are looking forward to getting to know them and their families.  Just to remind you this term has two bank holidays on Monday 22nd April and Monday 6th May.  Playgroup will be shut on these days and term 5 will begin on Tuesday 23rd April.


The topics we are going to be following this term are

Mini Beasts and Growing.

We have completed the latest summative assessment forms for your children.  These assessments will be put in their in their learning journeys along with up to date observations and photos so please feel free to come and have a look and if you feel you would like time to talk to us about your child’s development then please ask and we can find an appropriate time to do so.  We want to continue to share information about your child with any other setting they attend so if your child goes to another early years setting we can give you a copy to pass onto them.

If your child’s funding is due to begin in term 5, that is, if their 3rd birthday fell between 1st January 2018 and 31st March 2019, you will need to fill in a form to claim the funding.  Before I can sign and send off the forms I need to see their birth certificate so please can you bring this in with you the first week back if you are intended to claim the funding.  Any delays will mean the funding will be delayed so this is really important.  If your child is already in receipt of their funding I simply need a signature from you to confirm their hours.  If you are planning to claim the 30 hour offer please be aware you should by now have applied for your code.  The deadline was the end of March so please can you let me know the code you have been given along with the national insurance number of the person who applied for it so that I can validate it for you.  You cannot claim the 30 hours unless I have done this.

Please sign up to the parent/carer volunteer list on the door.  This was mostly empty last term and it is a great help to us to have another pair of hands and really nice for your children to be able to share what they get up to at playgroup with you all.  As I have mentioned before we are a charity and do not have a big staff team therefore we rely on parent helpers to come in and be an extra pair of hands to help out especially at tidy up time and over lunch.

Additional Charges

As you are all hopefully aware Playgroup is a charity and the level of funding that we receive for 3 and 4 year old children is not sufficient anymore to cover our running costs for staff salaries, village hall hire, insurance and supplies such as craft materials and printer ink, outdoor equipment and other important learning resources.  In order to maintain the high level of care and learning that playgroup provides for your children we are now asking parents to make a donation of 60 pence per funded session, for example if your child attends 3 fully funded sessions per week on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday then we are asking for a donation of £8.40 per week during term time.  This is a voluntary donation and we will not be chasing payment.

We strongly believe that the Playgroup is an important asset to Bathampton and to the wider community, in preparing children for school and laying strong foundations for learning.  Making a financial contribution to the playgroup will help us to continue to serve the community now and into the future.

Other pre schools and playgroups in the area are also asking for similar contributions and indeed, if your child attends another setting then you may already be familiar with the practice. We feel this has been a necessary step for Bathampton Playgroup to take and appreciate your understanding and kind contributions.

New Committee Members to take over in September 2018

Unfortunately some of our current Committee members will be moving on at the end of this academic year as their children move onto school.  We are therefore in need of some new members to step up to the challenge.  Please come and speak to staff or to the current Committee members to find out what is involved and how you can help.  Please be aware that as we are a Charity we cannot continue to run without a Committee.

Practical clothes

Please can you make sure that your child comes into Playgroup wearing practical clothing that they can easily move around in and they don’t mind getting wet or dirty.  A bag with a change of clothes is also essential so that the children have something to change into if necessary.  Can we remind you all also not to send your children in with toys from home.  We welcome toys as part the show and tell when it is your child’s turn to take the bag home to bring something in from home to share with the group and of course if your child needs a toy as a comforter that is fine.  These can be kept in their bag or drawer where we can easily find them if necessary but please be aware that toys bought from home cause a lot of issues with sharing and are a distraction from children taking part in the activities we plan for them.  

Children starting school in September

We will be carrying on with our special learning sessions for our pre-school children to help prepare them for starting school. These are short sessions and focus on letters and sounds involving stories, singing, rhymes and games.  We also practice things like putting on shoes and coats and lining up.

We are also continuing with our rolling snack system so please can children bring a piece of fruit to share for snack in the morning. This will continue to be supplemented with healthy carbohydrate options provided by playgroup. 

Please may I remind you all about the importance of a prompt and quiet pick up.  There are groups that come in directly after us on some days and we share the building on a Tuesday afternoon so it is important that pick up takes place promptly and quietly.  Please may we ask if you would like to chat with other parents that you do it outside of the building not in the lobby as this can disturb other users.  Thank you for your support in this.  If you are late in picking up your child a late fee will be charged.  This is to cover the staff costs of staying with your child.  Please see our terms and conditions about this. “A fee of £5 per half hour will be charged to any parents/carers who collect their child more than 10 minutes late of their session time.  This will be collected by the Playgroup Leader on the day or invoiced and payment required within one week”.

Thank you for your patience and your continued support.  We look forward to seeing you all this week.

Lisa, Emma, Cara and Harriet xxxxx

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