Term 4 Newsletter

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Term 4 Newsletter

DATE: 25th February 2019

We hope you have all enjoyed the half term week and we look forward to seeing you all this coming week to start term 4.  Please be aware we have altered our term dates to be in line with the local schools and will now break up for Easter on 5th April. 

As always we are really pleased about the time you gave up last term to come and be a parent helper.  As well as being able to share in your child’s learning we really appreciate the help an extra pair of hands gives us.  Please could we ask you all to sign up to help again this coming term. The parent helper rota will be up on the door so please book yourselves in for a slot.   We really cannot emphasize enough the difference it makes to us having that extra pair of hands to get stuck into helping out, doing the washing up and helping with the tidying.

Drop off

Please can we ask you to be aware of the time your child is down to start Playgroup.  If they are due to come in at 9 o clock then please take note that we cannot let you into the hall before this time.  We only have two members of staff in from 8.30 to 9 o’clock so can only have a certain number of children in.  We need to wait for another staff member to come in and be settled before we let the rest of the children in at 9 o’clock.  We will keep the door to the hall locked until this time so please do not try to come in before then.  You will be able to come into the lobby to get sorted before this time. Can we also give a reminder also for parents/carers not to open the front door to other families arriving, or to let others out when they are leaving.  Opening and shutting the front door should only be done by staff members to ensure the door is locked at all times so please can you make sure when you are leaving that you ask a staff member to let you out.  Please do not leave without telling us as the door needs to be locked behind you. 

Now that the children are well accustomed to our morning routine we would like to make sure we begin our carpet time at 9.15, and that all being well with your child, parents and carers leave before this time in order for carpet time to start. If your child has any worries about you leaving, then you are of course welcome to join carpet time. For the children to feel fully listened to and settled it is of real benefit that staff are focused on the children after this time. If you are running late which is only natural with young children, staff will then be free to open the door again to any parents and carers running a little late, after the 5-10 minute carpet time.

Can I also give a reminder that if your child is poorly, or away for any other reason, you are expected to inform us of the absence.  You can do this either with a call or text to the playgroup phone (07716600269), or a message to the playgroup email (bathamptonplaygroup@yahoo.co.uk).  Thank you for your cooperation with these matters.  This is a safeguarding requirement and if your child is away and we have not heard from you we will contact you to see where you are and that everything is ok.

Learning Journeys and drawers

A reminder that each child has their own Learning Journey which is kept in their own drawer at the front of the hall.  Please feel free to look at these (a day when you are the volunteer is ideal) or please ask to take them home to share with the family.  For those of you who are unaware or new we keep records of your child’s development in the form of observations, photographs and any work they have done in their books as well as the development records we do three times a year.  Please could we ask you to bring in any home learning that your child has done for us to put in their book.  This gives us a bigger picture of your child’s development as they may be doing things at home they are not happy to show us at playgroup.

Wow notes are also there to be filled in (kept on the table in the lobby) for anything special your child has done. These will be shared in our circle time and then added to your child’s learning journal.


The topics we will be following this term will be Spring, Pancake Day and Easter and we will also be exploring a lot more with Music and Movement.  We would like to take the children out on a couple of spring walks but will let you know when this will happen nearer the time.

Pre School groups

The Children all enjoy their pre-school sessions and we will be carrying on with them this term.  These are more focused activities focusing on letters and sounds.  The children get a lot out of these sessions and it is nice for us to have group time with our key children.

The Children do need appropriate clothing for being outside.  Thank you to you all for sending in hats and gloves last term and can we ask that you continue to do so this term along with wellys if it gets cold again.  This makes such a difference to the enjoyment the children get being outside.  We do like to go out in all weathers (almost).  


We are continuing with our rolling snack system so please can children bring a piece of fruit or vegetable to share for snack in the morning. This will continue to be supplemented with healthy carbohydrate options and milk or water provided by playgroup.  For those who are staying for lunch we request a healthy packed lunch box, so please no chocolate bars or sweets.  Can we also put out a request that only water is put into water bottles you bring in.  No squash or juice thank you very much.


The Committee are planning a Pancake Day fundraiser on the 5th March 3.30 onwards and an Easter Biscuit Making event on Saturday 6th April.  Please watch this space for further details.


The church has kindly allowed us to continue to park in the car park next door this year but this is only for drop off and pick up.  We are unable to leave cars there during the session.  If you are going to the park after pick up you must not leave your car there.  It does not belong to us and is there for the church.  Can we also please ask everybody to be especially careful when driving into and out of the carpark as well as watching your children when cars are moving around as the space is small. 

Thank you for your patience and your continued support.  We look forward to

seeing you all this coming week.

Lisa, Emma, Cara and Harriet xxxxx

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